Did we see that coming? Yes, many of the netizens and YouTube bloggers have predicted the end of the final episode. However, the final episode featured some shocking moments, but several previous theories or prophecies were left untouched in the grand finale.

A few days ago, many disappointed fans started a petition on change.org urging makers to remake Season 8 of the series "with competent writers". The petition has now hit 1.06 million signatures.


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Actor Pascal, who featured in the Game of Thrones, kept his thoughts on the finale short and sweet, writing, “Shut up, it was perfect.” Meanwhile, Americal television personality Kendra Wilkinson described it as a “very politically correct ending”.


After the final episode aired on Sunday night in the west and Monday morning in India, fans across the globe took to social media to share their thoughts about the grand finale of the mega-hit fantasy series.

By the way, the White Walkers are back! In the last scene of the episode, we saw Jon Snow riding to the north along with several windings, Tormund, and his direwolf Ghost, but why are they heading behind the Wall and why is he still carrying his Valyrian steel sword? Is there any way we get to see White Walkers back in the show again?

However, the last show featured some heartbreaking moments like the death of Mad Queen, Brienne's long note in the chronicle diary about Ser Jaime Lannister, Tyrion discovery with respect to his brother's and sister's ( Jaime and Cersei ) bodies entombed in the crypt under the Red Keep. Last but not the least, Drogon's final moments with his mother Dany. All said and done, there are few things, which the episode failed to cover on a proper note.
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