The internet has always been a dark place for the fans, but the predictions do make sense. After the murder of Rhaegal came true in the final season, we have even more reasons to believe that the predictions might be true. We have picked up some of the best fan theories of what is going to happen in the next two episodes. It might not be in the same order.

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Here is your chance to stop reading and look away - Spoiler Alert!

1.     Jamie who is on his way back to King’s Landing after breaking Brienne’s heart will be captured by an angry Daenerys and her army.

2.     Varys will be burned alive by Daenerys on the charges of treason. Tyrion will try to stop it, but it will only make his relation with his queen sour.

3.     King’s Landing will see the most violent attack. Many innocent people will die. This will be the time when Jon will realise that his Dany might not be the rightful queen.


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4.     Drogon is pregnant!!!!!!!  - Many people believe that this can’t be the end of dragons and netizens believe that Dragon, the last living dragon is pregnant.

5.     By this time Daenerys will be in her ‘Mad Queen’ mode, and Tyrion will try to convince Jon to take an action and turn against his Dany.

6.     Fed up with the actions of his queen, Tyrion frees Jamie and asks him to flee with Cersei. This might lead to the execution of Tyrion.


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7.     Starks will face a problem soon when Jon will claim the throne from the Mad Queen. Tyrion will team up with Sansa and come up with a plan to overthrow Daenerys.

8.     Despite agreeing with the plot first, Sansa will ultimately betray Tyrion.

9.     Jamie and Cersei will die together. Now who kills who is not clear, but death is certain.


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10.   Upset with the violent attack on King’s Landing, Jon will kill Daenerys.

11.    Tyrion’s execution will be an interesting part, it will be held in King’s Landing at the Dragonpit, in front of all those who once were his buddies, and he won’t be able to talk out of this trail. He will however make a comment on all those who betrayed him despite all his sacrifices. Wait! Will all the Lannisters die?

Well only time will tell! Until then - For the Throne!

(Compiled by - Manisha Shewaramani)