Los Angeles: Actors Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson and director James Wan have paid their respects to paranormal investigator Lorraine Warren, whose several ghost-hunting cases with her late husband, inspired the trio's "The Conjuring" film series.

On Friday, Lorraine's son-in-law, Tony Spera, shared the news of her death on the Facebook page for the New England Society for Psychic Research, which Lorraine co-founded with her husband Ed Warren in 1952.


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"It is with deep sadness that I must announce that Lorraine Warren has passed away. She died peacefully in her sleep at home last night. The family requests that you respect their privacy at this time," Spera said in a statement.

Farmiga played Lorraine and Wilson essayed the role of Ed in Wan's 2013 horror movie "The Conjuring". The film was a smash-hit success at the global box office, raking in over USD 310 million against a budget of USD 20 million. A follow-up, which released in 2016, was an equally big hit.


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In a Facebook post, the director said he is "deeply saddened" after hearing about Lorraine's death.

"She was truly one of the sweetest, loving and caring person I've ever met -- beaming with the brightest spirit. I feel very fortunate to have met her, gotten to know her and her wonderful family, and I'm truly honoured to have been the one to showcase a slice of her incredible life story to the world.

"For someone who spent her whole life dealing with the afterlife, she gave me the impression she was never fazed by death. Maybe it's knowing that there's something more after our time is over on this earth," Wan wrote.


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He added that there will never be "another Lorraine Warren" as she was "truly one of a kind".

Farmiga posted a couple of pictures of her with Lorraine and in an accompanying post, the actor said she is "grateful" to have portrayed her in Wan's films.

"My dear friend Lorraine Warren has passed. From a deep feeling of sorrow, a deep feeling of gratitude emerges. I was so blessed to have known her and am honoured to portray her.

"She lived her life in grace and cheerfulness. She wore a helmet of salvation, she dawned her sword, compassion and took a shield of faith. Righteousness was her breastplate, and she has touched my life so. Love you Lorraine. You're waltzing with Ed now," she wrote.

Wilson shared a picture of his with Farmiga and Lorraine, adding the team has lost a "friend and inspiration".

"The heavens will surely burn a little brighter tonight. We lost a friend and and inspiration. I will miss the stories, the laughter, and the guidance. Rest In Peace, Sweet Lorraine. Tell Ed I said hello," he tweeted.


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During their 61 years of marriage, the Warrens investigated over 10,000 cases in the US and abroad, often writing about their experiences.

Their success in paranormal cases led to the creation of a shared horror universe, which also includes the "Annabelle" series and two spin-offs -- "The Nun" and "The Curse of La Llorona".