Kolkata is renowned as the cultural capital of India. It boasts a rich history and delectable local dishes. This summer break, if you’re planning to visit the capital city of West Bengal, you must try these five popular snacks and dishes.   

Phuchka (Pani Puri)

Pani Puri, or Golgappe, is a beloved Indian street food that is known as Phuchka in Kolkata. The delicious taste of spicy and tangy mixture of tamarind water that you will find here, would be nothing like you’ve tasted before. Some must-visit spots for Phuchka are Dakshinapan Shopping Complex, Vivekananda Park, New Alipore and Max Mueller Bhavan.

Kathi Roll

Kathi Rolls are a perfect blend of Indian spices and flavours wrapped in a paratha. It originated from the Nizam's restaurant in Kolkata. You can choose from a wide variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. For authentic taste of Kathi rolls, make sure to visit popular spots like the Nizam’s, Kareem’s, Campari, and Zeeshan.

Macher Jhol 

Macher Jhol is a traditional fish curry prepared with a variety of spices, tomatoes, and potatoes. Your trip to West Bengal would be incomplete without indulging in Macher Jhol. It is a comforting dish that is served with steamed rice.

Kosha Mangsho 
Kosha Mangsho is another popular dish from Kolkata. This Bengali dish features tender pieces of mutton slow cooked in a rich and aromatic gravy. Try it with luchis (deep-fried bread) for a delightful experience. 

Mishti Doi 

Mishti Doi is a delicious Bengali delicacy that has been largely popularized by the Indian cinema. No visit to Kolkata is complete without savouring Mishti Doi. It is made by fermenting sweetened milk overnight. After trying it once, you will fall in love with the taste of Mishti Doi.