We thought of doing the first audience poll on Zero, but well there were just about that many people in the hall. So, here's our pick of online verdicts that resonate with the public sentiment on how the King Khan starrer is faring, Katrina Kaif and all.

In spite of the hype including umpteen hashtags, verified Twitter profile of SRK's character in the movie and Kaif's sizzling dance number with a head full of curls, the movie seems to have not impressed much. 

Even though Katrina Kaif told our reporter that her onscreen persona is nothing like her off-screen self,  the lady doth protest too much, netizens think.

Others thought it wise to spin a meme out of the debacle.  

SRK loyalists, fans and just sane people, could not imagine why King Khan would sign up for this king-sized blunder?