With his passion for work and creative bent of mind, he displays his prowess by making all his projects profitable as a producer.

We are currently living in what the world has seen the worst till date caused by a global health pandemic called COVID-19. This sudden dreadful global emergency has made many businesses go entirely online and search for online ways to grow as a brand altogether.

With this massive change in the industry, many youngsters are coming forward to show their unique talents and aptitude in the digital world by contributing in some way or the other and entertain audiences. 

In such a scenario, we caught hold of a young and dynamic up and comer of the entertainment world who is determined to produce some great and distinct content that aims to only entertain more and more audiences. This young gentleman is touted to be the next generation producer of India; he is Yatin Kukreja.

The growth of many online mediums and the hunger for several OTT platforms producing some amazing content made Kukreja realize his potential to be the force behind producing such different contents for the OTT audience and also something for the music lovers. 

This crucial time has been optimized the most by people like Kukreja whose mission is not only to make a big jump into the online world to launch their own careers but also help launch the careers of many other upcoming artists and talents like him that could take the entertainment industry by storm and reach the skies with their content.

Kukreja is putting in his sweat and blood to scout for the best talents of our country and give them their space which they can fully explore to grow their talents in the digital world. 

He is giving an opportunity to many creators and other talented minds that show a lot of promise in the fields of music, films, web series, etc. He is knowledgeable in finding the right talents and smartly invests in them to showcase their respective creative work to audiences across the country and beyond.

Hailing from Delhi, this youngster is creating a rage in the industry by understanding the entertainment business and finding fresh and new talents that help in giving the industry new faces. Kukreja has already made his name as one of the youngest producers from Delhi with a knack of understanding and finding the best talents from across the country. Presently, he is in the process of investing in many propitious projects and believes that songs and web series are going to carve a brighter future for the entertainment world.

His contributions can be seen in the latest groovy track named "CUTE SONG" created by Aroob Khan starring Satvik Sankhyan by Desi Music Factory. The song has created a rage already and has been showered with praises in the music industry by gaining more than 7 million views in a matter of few days only. Whether it is the picturization of the song, the lyrics, the music, the composition, everything seems like a beautiful story woven into a song. Listeners have gone crazy with this new track and can't wait for more such song creations.

The young producer is rising each passing day in the industry, breaking the glass ceiling in a competitive environment and displays his passion and love for his work by hunting talents that would prove his expertise as the leading new generation producer of India.