Lakshay Kapoor is a popular entrepreneur based in Punjab. He is a successful exporter and has his company's presence all across the world. You name any country in the west and he has his presence there. In his young age he has achieved a lot in his domain but as he progressed and gained success, he started singing and sharing the same on social media and soon started getting attention from his friends and others. Thus gradually he garnered a good buzz around his singing and he made huge fans around him.

The reason why he took up singing was just for fun and he utilized his leisure to embark upon with his singing hobby. He used to sing earlier but never took it seriously. Once he started getting applause from his friends and fans, the encouragement helped him gain big in singing. He started sharing good songs before his fans and even went on to record his first full fledged music video called Galiyon Mein. It received a good response and his singing style was liked a lot, bringing too many people close to him.

With the success of his first song, he started getting decent offers and collaborations from different musical groups and companies. He managed to get a million views on the said song on YouTube alone and his popularity soared with it. Now, with the lockdown still going on, we see him getting busy on doing his second musical song. He is all set to make his fans and friends get a surprise to see something worth like a treat to everyone ears with his unique singing style and song. Well, he needs to go a long way when it comes to singing.