Katrina Kaif and Akshay Kumar’s chemistry is always loved by the audience. The duo is seen in many films together like Singh Is Kinng, Tees Maar Khan, Namaste London, Welcome and so on. Once in an interview, Katrina had asked Aki to be her brother and this left the actor horrified and ended up saying, “Katrina, do you want a slap?”

When Katrina appeared on a chat show Koffee With Karan, she said, “I am hearing about everyone getting their rakhi tied. Let me tell you what day it is, I am shooting for Sheila ki Jawaani which is a song in Tees Maar Khan. I am wearing my gold choli and sitting on set, why won’t anyone tie me rakhi – I am doing like that.”


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She further said, “Nobody is there, nobody is really paying attention to me and who do I see walking through the door? A person I have regard for. A person I consider a dear friend, and according to me I don’t see anything wrong with it so I ask him, “Can I tie you rakhi?” Then Akshay Kumar said, “Do you want a slap?”

Recently during Bharat promotions, when the reporter quizzed Katrina about her character and when the reporter referred Salman as ‘Bhaijaan,’ immediately Salman replied I’m not her brother.


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Katrina said in a media interview, “He doesn’t allow me to call him(Salman) ‘Bhaijaan’ because he is not my brother that’s why. For the same reason Akshay doesn’t allow me to tie rakhi, because we are friends and not siblings. That’s the difference.”

Speaking of her upcoming movie, Katrina will be seen in Bharat which will be releasing this Eid, June 5. After years, she will be reuniting with Aki for Sooryavanshi which will release in 2020. Katrina said to media, “I’m really excited. We have already shot a few days back for the movie Sooryavanshi. I really thought, ‘What’s it going to be like? There’s going to be this uncomfortable, finding this comfort on set... because we are working together after nine years. I am enjoying on set with him.”