The 77th Cannes Film Festival is happening right now on the beautiful French Riviera, and it's getting a lot of attention worldwide. This big event is famous for its amazing fashion moments, and many Indian celebrities are there too. One of them is Urvashi Rautela, who always manages to stand out with her stunning looks on the red carpet. Remember last year when she wore that crocodile necklace? Well, this year, she's got another eye-catching necklace that's got everyone talking.

Urvashi Rautela showed up at Cannes 2024 looking absolutely gorgeous once again. This time, she wore a sparkly, strapless gown that was custom-made by a famous designer named Sylwia Romaniuk. The dress was covered in beautiful celestial designs that caught people's attention. To complete her look, Urvashi went for glamorous makeup with peachy lips, rosy cheeks, and her hair tied up in a messy bun.

Now, let's talk about that necklace! It was quite unique, with diamonds shaped like a dancing fish and a pink and silver color that blended together. There was even a tiny, heart-shaped sapphire attached to one side. It's no wonder everyone couldn't stop talking about it! Urvashi even shared some pictures of her look on social media, along with details about the necklace.

Last year, Urvashi got some negative attention for wearing a crocodile-shaped necklace that people thought was super expensive. It turns out it was fake, and she faced a lot of criticism for it. But that didn't stop her from making a grand entrance at Cannes 2024. 

For her first appearance, she wore a stunning hot pink gown from Khaled and Marwan's collection. The dress had dramatic ruffle sleeves, a fitted bodice, and a lacy skirt with a high slit. She completed her look with a fancy headband, sheer gloves, and sparkling diamond jewelry.  Needless to say, Urvashi looked stunning in her hot pink outfit!