It is always fascinating to learn about the industries and sectors that have been thriving off of skills and talents of youngsters worldwide. This is definitely a sight to behold, looking at how the younger brigade have always made rigorous efforts to make a difference in their chosen industries. Doing exactly that in the UK's music industry is Tevan, emerging as one of the rising singers and songwriters. His success with tracks like "Anyway" and "Cloud 9" can be attributed to his pure love for music and his ability to effortlessly transition between genres.
The versatile singer, songwriter and rap artist hails from Croydon (South East London) but has undoubtedly made his unique niche in the whole of the UK's music industry by coming up with songs that have only made more and more listeners fall in love with them instantly, whilst also gaining support from many other pre-eminent personalities of the industry. Gaining thousands of streams and views on his songs proves the prowess of the young artist, who believes in constantly innovating in the industry to stand apart. Pioneering a new sound coined "Asian-swing" by combining Afro swing and South Asian / Oriental music catapulted his debut single "Anyway" to great success.
Speaking about the ongoing pandemic and the disruption it has caused in the lives of people and industries, Tevan says that 2020 was a quiet year for him as an independent artist, where he took time to improve himself not only creatively but, more importantly, mentally. He highlights that the pandemic has been challenging but yet an eye-opening experience. In addition to this, he reveals that he went through a phase where he didn't feel like releasing music, such is the effect it has had on people mentally. For Tevan, it still remains a challenging period of time, but he is optimistic about creating an energy through his music for which people can feed off and bring a sense of togetherness and unity.
After "Anyway", "Cloud 9" was his second single, gaining much love and recognition amongst all especially his core fanbase. He then started gaining various opportunities in the industry, where he even performed with DJ Enay at sold-out event in Bulgaria. Tevan was also invited to perform at the local Croydon Mela as well as the London Mela; however, due to Covid restrictions, these events, unfortunately, got postponed and didn't take place.
Soon came his third singe in July 2020, titled "SHOW GiRL", with producer 33 which further boosted his musical repertoire. Currently, he is focusing on the biggest release of his career with Daecolm on his latest project who has penned for the likes of Chris Brown, Mario, Ella Mai, AJ Tracey, Wes Nelson and many more. The single has been mastered by the world-renowned Chris Athens, and Tevan can't wait to drop the song soon.
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