Serein, a renowned vegan and cruelty-free brand, held an extravaganza event on October 30, 2022, to launch its new luxury collection 'House of Serein.' Through various booths, the brand showcased various categories such as makeup, apparel, and leather handbags. Each segment was set up in a way that reflects their true essence and designs. Along with all of this, the invitees were able to enjoy a variety of activities such as customising lipsticks and handbag counters. They also witnessed a fashion show, which ended up being the spotlight of the event and rendered everyone awestruck. The event also featured well-known television personalities and big businessmen of the country such as Zorawar Kalra, influencers Mohit Hiranandani, Steffi K, Shruti Sinha, and television actor Amit Tandon.
When asked about the moment of epiphany that led to the inception of Serein, Founder Muskan Mundhra stated, “Serein's goal is to contribute to the change that people are attempting to bring about in the fashion industry. With increased awareness of the livestock industry's significant environmental impact, vegan fashion goods are now preferred not only for their support of animal freedoms and rights but also because they are sustainable alternatives. Sustainable fashion businesses are critical for the fashion industry to improve its methods, reduce its environmental impact, and assist garment workers. Serein's ultimate goal is to have a system that provides top designer clothes with each collection while leaving no negative footprint."
All of the apparel and handbags made by the startup that provides sustainable, vegan, and cruelty-free fashion are made of plant-based leather and recyclable materials.

Being a subsidiary of Mundhra International under the banner of Mundhra Logistics, Serein was founded on April 18, 2021. The brand's name is derived from the French word Serene, and it lives up to its name by combining nature's peace with aesthetics and ethics. They provide products that meet all of the luxury needs of people while always keeping the environment in mind. With the launch of 'House of Serein,' they are now poised to make a new mark in the world of fashion.

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