Mumbai: Well-known for his penchant to translate real into reel, filmmaker Abhishek Chaubey is all set to tell the tale of dacoits from Chambal for his upcoming movie, Sonchiriya.  

Starring Sushant Singh Rajput, Manoj Bajpayee, Ranvir Shorey and Bhumi Pednekar, the movie is inspired by real-life events that took place post-independence. So, the cast headed to meet the real daakus of Chambal to help them with the accents and the vibe of the 70s. The movie is shot majorly in Madhya Pradesh and is set against the backdrop of 1975 Emergency.

The real dacoits even attended promotional activities with the film team, as can be seen from the interesting images shared by RSVP productions and dined with them too. According to reports, though the former bandits had surrendered quite a while back, they are not allowed to go beyond certain areas or cities and have to present themselves at the police stations every three to six months. 

Take a dekko:


The sneak peek of the movie trailer dropped last week and the netizens have been using the hashtag #DaakuChaleKanpur to express their excitement as well as hilarious memes, of course. Chaubey says, "This film is a result of my fascination with their lives and personalities. The world wants to know about them and the life they led. My actors and I are excited about interacting with these former outlaws.”  

Sonchiriya will hit cinema screens on March 1.