Bollywood actress Sunny Leone is currently in Uttar Pradesh for her upcoming film Kokokola, where she got shot at from a 10-feet distance. 

In a video shared on behalf of Sunny on her Instagram, we can see the diva falling on the ground unconscious. The video clip shows actor Dev Gill pointing a gun at Sunny while shooting for a scene at Rao Raj Vilas Kuchesar Fort.

You can hear Dev discussing the scene as Sunny lies unconscious on the ground. Later, the crew members saw no movement from Sunny, they rushed to the actress to check if she got hurt.

There are two parts to the video. In one of it, a message appears in the end along with a graphic warning, which reads, "What happened next we did not want to show but feel the truth should come out!" The caption on the post also comes with a cryptic message which reads, "Graphic Warning Part 1: we needed to post this on behalf of @sunnyleone so the whole world knows what happened last night on the sets!"

This was a prank played by Sunny and her crew, which can be a publicity stunt to generate curiosity about the horror comedy. 

The second video was posted with a message that read, “Graphic Warning Part 2: Thank Goodness she is okay! Ha ha ha 😂”

After watching the video, Sunny’s fans started enquiring whether her was injured or hurt during the shooting and started praying for her health.