News of Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha being arrested is doing the rounds while #AsliSonaArrested is trending on Twitter. However, it is not clear yet as to whether the news is true or if it’s just a publicity stunt.

A shocking video shared on social media shows Sonakshi being arrested by police personnel, while she pleads that she is innocent.

The video shows the actress donning a glittery dress, being put in handcuffs.  She is heard expressing shock at being arrested by police. "You can't arrest me like this. Do you know who I am? I have not done anything, I am innocent. How can you arrest me like that?" she is heard asking people who appear as police personnel.

It is yet to be confirmed if the actress has indeed been arrested, or if it is just a prank.

A few netizens said that the incident might have occurred because a few weeks ago she faced legal trouble for allegedly cheating an event organiser. It happened when she used the word "bhangi" during a radio interview, which offended the Valmiki community.

She issued an apology after the Valmiki community held protests and burnt her effigy in Uttar Pradesh's Moradabad.