Before Katrina was bagged for Bharat it was Priyanka Chopra who was chosen for the role. Apparently, Priyanka opted out of Bharat to take some time off work and marry Nick Jonas. Salman Khan and co-star Katrina are busy promoting the film. In a recent interview, Salman spoke about Priyanka’s exit from the film. This didn’t go down well with many of Priyanka’s fans. Singer Sona Mohapatra too, slammed Salman for his statements on Priyanka and said he is the poster child for toxic masculinity.

In the interview, when Salman was asked about Priyanka quitting the movie, he said, “No, even after the release of Bharat's trailer, Priyanka didn't call me. Now, if she had some genuine problem then it's alright. I believe, whatever happens, happens for the good.”

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The singer, who took offense, took to Instagram and criticized Salman. She wrote, “Cus @priyankachopra has better things to do in life, real men to hang out with & more importantly, girls to inspire with her journey. 🤟🏾🔴” 

In a recent interview with Deccan Herald, Sona slammed Salman for interrupting Katrina while she was talking. Sona said, “He interrupted Katrina every time she spoke,” and said it was nothing but appalling.

“After Sultan he again went on a spree; he was literally interrupting Katrina Kaif every time she spoke, took jibes at her and put her down. He also referred to his project as the ultimate gift to humankind and womankind. It was appalling, and that's the kind of behaviour that inspires the youth,” the singer stated.

Sona also spoke about the reason behind “calling out” Salman, “Calling Salman out was not personal. I don't really care. He is just the poster child for toxic masculinity. He symbolises a lot of things that are wrong when it comes to gender.”

Sona who didn’t want to empathise with Salman said, “I think the whole country needs to watch for what's right and wrong with his behaviour and he can't help his bad behaviour. But I don't want to empathise with him at all because I don't think any of us should.”


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Sona says that Salman’s fans are inspired by his bad behaviour. “His followers have been inspired by his bad behaviour.”

Obviously enough, Salman’s fans were not too happy to say the least and Sona had to allegedly deal with death threats. “I woke up to messages from my family members telling me to go to the police station and that they are all worried. So, it is not easy for the family for sure.”

Sona, however, got an apology from the fan who threatened her.