‘Raat Jashn Ki’ the highly-anticipated video album marks the first collaboration of talented actor, Shrutika Gaokkar and multi-talented singer, Vivek Mishra. The much-awaited composition is expected to start rolling by the beginning of 2021, which was delayed due to the pandemic. 

However, the album is finally set to break the internet and make the millennials go crazy with this party song. Which will make them groove on their beats and hook them to video because of the moves by Shrutika. 

When it comes to Vivek, he is a phenomenal composer, singer, actor, and novelist with stunning vocals. He's already collaborated with ZeeMusic and is getting ready to release another mega-smash song with Shrutika as the lead actress.

Speaking about the collaboration with Shrutika, Vivek says, “ She is an incredible actor and we are actively working to bring something creative in the music industry to enhance the quality of work we produce. In future, I would like to collaborate with her and produce such amazing music videos.“ Being a versatile singer, he has also performed a beautiful song called "Mayeri," which he has dedicated to all mothers and is one of his personal favourites. 

Along with being a singer,  Vivek is an amazing composer, actor and author blessed with beautiful vocals. He has previously worked in collaboration with ZeeMusic and is all set to release another super hit song with Shrutika as a lead actor. 

Shrutika Gaokkar, a well-known actor, will collaborate for a new beginning that will captivate the audience with their trailblazing abilities. The actor has previously been in popular web series such as '92 Hours' and 'All About Section 377,' which was a  great hit.

The special track will come out soon and the audience is already waiting for the release. Shrutika is really excited to work on this collaboration which she believes is filled with creativity. She has always admired Vivek’s music composition and how he combines different genres so effortlessly and is able to connect with the audience in the most amazing way.

Talking about her experience, Shrutika says, “I am glad to announce my collaboration with Vivek Mishra for an enthralling music video. I have always wanted to work with him, I feel this is going to garner the attention of the audience. And will enhance my skills as an actor.”

Their upcoming song is expected to be a superhit apart from this song they will be seen further in collaboration as they are already working on other projects also. One of the genre songs is romantic while the other will be a dance number. The duo’s song is expected to hit the internet with their talent in their respective field. 

The video for the duet is likely to be released shortly, and it will be exciting to see such amazing talents together.

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