Singer Shreya Ghoshal took to social media to slam an airline for not allowing her to carry a musical instrument with her on the flight.

In a scathing message she wrote, "I guess @SingaporeAir does not want musicians or any body who has a precious instrument to fly with on this 
airline. Well. Thank you. Lesson learnt."

After her post, the airline apologised to the singer via their official Twitter handle.

The airline apologised and wrote back, "Hi Shreya, we are sorry to hear this. May we seek more details of your concerns and what was last advised by our colleagues? Thank you."

Post her tweet, Shreya's fans came forward to show support. One of them even wrote that the singer doesn't say anything unless it’s a matter of concern. 

Meanwhile, another user wrote, "This is really bad @SingaporeAir you must handle with care of such valuable things, this is not at all done fir a musician their instrument plays an important role..Hope you look into this issue and help for this damage what you have done!!"

Shreya got immense support from her fans, who sent comforting messages and tried to cheer her up.