Mumbai: Shahid Kapoor got married privately to Mira Kapoor, a girl outside the Bollywood industry. But his affection and crush towards Scarlett Johansson is unmatched. So when Shahid was asked, “If you’re an invisible guy, which girl would you like watching taking a shower with?”, the actor said Scarlett Johansson, Avengers Endgame actress.

In one of his old interviews, when the actor was asked this question, he took a while to answer the question and said, “Why should I watch a girl taking shower then? How useless would my invisibility be?” The actor then took time to think about it and said “I find Scarlett hot so...”


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When the interviewer provoked him and tried to find more about his fantasy with Scarlett by saying “awesome in the shower eh,” the actor couldn’t stop himself but had a smirk as he clinked his coffee mug.

However, that wasn’t the only time the actor expressed his feelings openly for Scarlett. During an award function, yesteryear actress Simi Garewal asked him about the same thing. Shahid said that Scarlett was extremely desirable. In another interview, when Karan Johar asked Shahid about one rumour he would like someone to start about him, the actor replied, “that actress Scarlett’s marriage broke up because of me” and when he was asked about his wildest fantasy, the actor repeated the same answer.

When Karan dug more into Shahid’s fantasy the actor said “I would do so many things that everything in her life breaks up only because of me.”

The actor expresses his unconditional love for his ladylove Scarlett “I think Scarlett is unbelievably hot. I used to find her hot before she became a star and somebody tell her that. That she understands that my feelings are real because everybody else came in her life after she became a star.”