Mumbai: The recent #ShameonKaranJohar hullaballoo almost broke the Internet as Twitterati went up in arms against filmmaker Karan Johar. Fans of veteran actor Shah Rukh Khan took offence when his longtime collaborator and almost bestie, Johar shared a tweet comparing Khan's movie with Kesari.

And, in doing so, the post addressed Khan as 'Gayrukh', a rather bad homophobic pun, we say. Incensed Shah Rukh Khan fans took over Twitter after this and started posting condemning messages for Karan Johar using this hashtag #ShameonKaranJohar. Now, actor Shah Rukh Khan has weighed in on the controversy in his trademark witty way.

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Siding with KJo, Khan mentioned that his account was not hacked and he might have liked the tweet by mistake as he has fat fingers. He also mentioned that Johar 'is technologically challenged but has other good qualities like his taste in clothes!?'.


Earlier, the filmmaker has responded to the massive trolling insinuating that he is facing some technical issues. Do you believe him? He wrote: Strange things are going on!from uploading shoe picture and gibberish to liking tweets I haven’t even read and would NEVER even acknowledge! Please bear with me and I apologise for any inconvenience! Sorting it out asap!"

With SRK's witty comeback, we can only hope for either a witty banter between the two or at least an end to the massive trolling.