New Delhi: Netizens are not ones with thick skin and the recent #ShameonKaranJohar hullaballoo proves just that. 

Turns out fans of veteran actor Shah Rukh Khan took offence when his longtime collaborator and almost bestie, Karan Johar shared a tweet comparing Khan's movie with Kesari. It all started when KJo retweeted a post talking about how the half day collections of Akshay Kumar starrer Kesari are significantly better than Zero's despite releasing close to Holi. The post further pitted the two stars addressing Khan as 'Gayrukh', a rather bad homophobic pun, we say. 

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The original tweet has since been tweeted about 142 times and many netizens have left comments with their take on the poor comment. Johar has since deleted the retweet but nothing really gets deleted on the Internet, here's a screenshot of the same. 

Incensed Shah Rukh Khan fans took over Twitter after this and started posting condemning messages for Karan Johar using this hashtag #ShameonKaranJohar. However, it seems that Karan Johar was on a spree retweeting Kesari-related posts and this could be just a harmless mistake. But, it was quite a glaring one considering he is one of the more famous advocate for LGBTQ rights. "Being a leading filmmaker, I can make movies on the subject. I would love to make a homosexual love story and would want to cast two leading actors in the film. I don't have in mind specific names of the actors I want to cast in the film, but I surely want to make such a film," he had once said.

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None of the two, SRK and KJo, have commented on the issue yet.