Mumbai: Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh’s daughter Sara Ali Khan is making her debut in Bollywood with Abhishek Kapoor’s Kedarnath which hit theatres on Friday. How did Kedarnath happen? A visibly excited Sara told My Nation, “I had always wanted to become an actress. I was waiting for someone to see some quality in me and approach me. When I read the script of Kedarnath, then I instantly decided that I want to do this.” She added, “When I got to know details of my character from Kanika Ji (Kanika Dhillon), the writer of our film, I felt even more attracted to the film.”

Kedarnath is a love story, which deals with a Muslim porter (played by Sushant Singh Rajput) falling in love with a Hindu pilgrim (played by Sara Ali Khan) in the historic temple town. Has Sara ever fallen in love? She smiled, “Not yet!” When asked to define love, the debutante said, “Whatever I understand of love, I don’t feel that it can be described in words. I am a normal girl with dreams. Even I want to fall in love one day in such a way which cannot be described in words. I feel this is how love happens when it actually happens. We have tried to show such a true love story in Kedarnath.”

Sara comes from a family of actors. Even though she looks up to all of them for their work, there are qualities which she is eager to imbibe from her dad. Sara said, “The perseverance with which he works and if sometimes the film doesn’t do well, it doesn’t deter him and he continues to keep proving himself. I think that’s truly amazing and that’s something I aspire to imbibe from him. Also, his patience is a lot more than mine. He doesn’t give up easily and doesn’t lose his mental balance.”

Kareena Kapoor Khan also offers work and fitness related advice as and when required. Talking about her relationship with the actress, Sara said, “Kareena is very professional in her work. The way she has drawn a balance between her work and family, that inspires me. She is my father’s wife and so whenever I visit them, we sit at the dinner table together and she sometimes gives me work-related advice. I try to follow her advice because she is a very successful actress. Our equation has been very friendly throughout and there are three reasons for that. Kareena has never tried to become my mother, my father has never forced us for an unnatural relationship and my mom has explained me and Ibrahim with comfort and confidence that nobody can ever become our mother except her, but since she is our father’s wife, we should always respect her.” Sara added, “But I love her also because If you are making my father happy, you are also bringing a smile on my face.”

Sara also shared what she admires the most in her little brother Taimur. She said, “Whenever I meet him and look at his smiling face, I become happy instantly. I love his innocence and his eyes. He has my eyes. Dad, I, Ibrahim and Taimur we all have the same eyes. Whenever I see my own eyes on his little face, I feel so happy.” However, Sara believes that among the three children, she is Saif’s favourite. She quipped, “I think I am his favourite. I know Ibrahim and Taimur will not be happy to hear this but it’s okay, I have a lead. I have known him five years more than Ibrahim and 21 years more than Taimur.”

On the work front, Sara Ali Khan will next be seen in Rohit Shetty’s Simmba where she stars alongside Ranveer Singh.