Mumbai: A viral video of actor Sanjay Dutt abusing journalists at his Diwali party has taken over the Internet and angered many. 

Right after the controversy surrounding his biopic Sanju had subsided, the video has raised questions once again if the movie had indeed been an attempt to 'whitewash' his image. In the clip, the actor slurs and asks the reporters go home to celebrate Diwali with their family amidst several expletives. When one of them tells him that they have been asked by their bosses to do the job, the actor proceeds to use more expletives. 


The video seems to have angered the netizens as they took to their social media accounts to criticise his disrespectful behaviour. Some even joked that the actor would need a sequel to Sanju to improve his image once again after this fiasco. 



Meanwhile, others have come out in support of the actor saying that the abuses were hurled not towards the reporters on the site but the bosses who were making them work on a festival.