The latest Netflix series, Sacred Games, has been the rave of the town, with the audience going gaga over show that has potrayed boldness and fierce performances by actors such as Saif Ali Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Radhika Apte and the fearless Kubra Sait. Actress Kubra received praise in abundance for breaking all stereotypes and playing the role of a transgender and executing it with sheer finesse and grace. 

Speaking exclusively to My Nation, Kubra talks about her close knit relationship with her brother, Danish Sait, who rose to fame after his recent Kannada movie, Humble Politician Nograj, while donning several hats, from being a Radio Jockey, to Emceeing. Here are the excerpts from the interview - 

Has your brother Danish Sait, inspired you in any way to reach to the position you are at now? 

We are a super close family, and we are super grateful to Mom for raising us like the way she did. We are the sounding boards for each other. We are constantly motivating each other and inspiring each other. Danish is the funniest boy I know. I can laugh headlessly for hours in his company, he is effortless.

Humour has always been a thriving factor for Danish. Does that apply to you too?

Humour is the essence of life. We tend to take ourselves too seriously, and Danish has the guts to say it as it is, with humour. I try, but my humour is dark and sarcastic.

The role taken up by you in Sacred Games is needless to say, a challenging one. How was the experience? 

The grandest fanfare of all times. Working on Sacred Games was a celebration as we were creating from the scratch. The delivery of dialogues: effortless, the camaraderie between the crew: so easy and strain free. It was a challenging character shot with absolute zero fuss, which is what made it fun.