Mumbai: Parched helmer Leena Yadav is back with her latest flick Rajma Chawal. However, if you want to eat this Rajma Chawal, you must log on to Netflix! Yes, the film, starring Rishi Kapoor in the lead has recently released on the digital platform. Why a Netflix release? During an interaction with MyNation, Leena informed that after she completed shooting, it was Netflix who approached her for watching the film. They liked it so much that they offered to release it. Leena added, “As a filmmaker, if your film doesn’t hit theatres, you don’t feel that it has released. But Netflix is such a platform where the film will live and it will not have to depend on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday performance. And, look at the kind of audience it is going to reach in 190 countries. As a producer, you cannot release your film like that. Also, since the film thematically talking about using technology properly, it was the perfect film to release on such a platform.”

In the film, which deals with a father-son story, Rishi Kapoor plays a father, who is experiencing a communication gap with his son (essayed by Anirudh Tanwar) and tries to interact with him via social media. The filmmaker feels Rishi Kapoor is just the perfect choice for the role. In Leena’s words, “When you watch the film, you will agree with me that nobody could have done this better than Rishi. We narrated the film to him and he connected to it because he is very active on social media and understands the generation gap.” 

Elaborating on her experience of working with the veteran actor, the director said, “He is an open-minded person and says what he feels. He comes with two very interesting contrasts. One is a deep wisdom about the film industry, about the craft as he has directed films himself. At the same time, he has got this completely childlike wonder and demeanour. He surrenders completely. On the set, he was really amazing. He is a foodie, so during the shoot in Chandni Chowk, he would walk through the lanes, stop at places and eat.” Rishi Kapoor has not only acted in the film but the title Rajma Chawal has also been suggested by him, informed Leena.

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The director revealed that the film has been entirely shot in Delhi, mostly in Chandni Chowk on which the story of the film is based. Talking about shooting in Chandni Chowk, Leena shared, “Chandni Chowk plays a very integral part of the film. People, there are so cooperative. It was a beautiful experience. In between shoots, we would keep eating. There was a chhole kulchawala who used to roam with us everywhere. He had become a part of our unit. Also, we used to have samosas and jalebis non-stop!”

The movie, which premiered at the 62nd London Film Festival and was screened at the Mumbai Film Festival this year, is available on Netflix.