Chennai: Remember the Bollywood movie Dolly Ki Doli, featuring Sonam Kapoor, who used to con men by marring them and later looting their jewels, cash and valuables from their house? From reel to now real. A Chennai girl named Mahalakshmi robbed 15 men in 15 different styles. 

Mahalakshmi came into the limelight when she approached Udayakumar, a divorcee, through a matrimonial site. Soon, both got married in a temple. According to reports, Mahalakshmi had told Udayakumar that her ex-husband kicked her when she was pregnant and thus, she suffered miscarriage. So, Uday took extra care of Mahalakshmi even allowing her mother to stay with them.

After a few months, Mahalakshmi's mother started questing Udayakumar's earnings and properties. As soon as she learned that he will get considerable wealth, after the death of his father, she was left disappointed.

So one fine day, when Udayakumar was on a business trip to Singapore, Mahalakshmi and her mother looted all the jewels, cash and other valuables from the house and scooted. When Udayakumar returned to Trichy in Tamil Nadu (where they lived), he realised that his wife Mahalakshmi was missing and he complained to the police. Meanwhile, she contacted him again and said that she was pregnant and that she would come and meet him after the child is born. 

Later, she demanded Rs 85,000 for the pregnancy expenses. Uday, who was elated knowing about her pregnancy, immediately transferred the money. She again demanded Rs 1 lakh for the delivery, which made him gradually turn suspicious. He started making enquiries about his wife and found that Mahalakshmi had aborted his child in a private hospital many months ago.

After this, Uday found out that Mahalakshmi had targeted divorced men and married at least fifteen of them. He also got to know that the mother-daughter duo has an underlying connection with a politician, who helps destroys evidence and even handles the police.