In a world where celebrity children tend to steal the limelight, Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt's daughter Raha Kapoor emerges as the new paparazzi favorite, from her glamorous debut at the Kapoors' Christmas bash to a recent one for Kareena Kapoor Outside Khan's house. Throughout the game, Raha's charming presence has captured hearts everywhere.

Whatever Ranbir Kapoor does, Raha’s legacy speaks volumes about his royal legacy. Speaking from Surat, Gujarat, Ranbir Kapoor gave an insight into the Kapoor family’s favorite jewelry collection, which is a testament to their love for fashion that spans generations. 

From the late Krishna Raj Kapoor’s royal ensemble to modernist Neetu Kapoor, the Kapoor family’s passion for gemstones is evident as Riddhima Kapoor Sahni’s skills as a jewelry designer further enhance the family legacy. Whatever he does, Raha’s legacy speaks volumes about his royal legacy. 

Ranbir Kapoor's revelation about the wedding gift of the couple on their wedding and Raha's birthday in April 2022 highlights the status of the little princess as a born king.

Ranbir Kapoor revealed that he has a lot of jewelry at home. He explained that it is customary in India to offer gems to newlyweds. Alia Bhatt and he were married in April 2022. He stated that they received a lot of jewelry as gifts. Similarly, when Raha Kapoor was born, she was given jewellery. This demonstrates that the small princess of the Kapoor and Bhatt dynasties was born royalty.

Adding to her popularity, Raha Kapoor has already been making waves in the fashion world, thanks to her glamorous relationships. Alia Bhatt shared the details of Gucci's thoughtful gift to Raha during her shoot in New York, which marked her foray into haute couture. Ranbir Kapoor's recent trip to Dubai to shop for his daughter further solidifies Raha's status as a fashion model in the making.

While Raha’s star continues to rise, her parents remain committed to their professional endeavors. Ranbir Kapoor's commitment to his upcoming project "Ramayan" with Saipallavi is an example of balancing family and work in the glamorous world of Bollywood.