Chennai: A journalist has shared a letter written by late Jayalalithaa to him, on Facebook. In the letter, Jayalalithaa has very articulately explained to him why she was not being mentioned as someone who was going through a career struggle. In the letter, Jayalalithaa had also given a brief account of why she refused to do a film with superstar Rajinikanth.

Rajinikanth continued to act in films while Jayalalithaa took to politics and rose to the height of being the chief minister of Tamil Nadu.

Jayalalithaa is now no more. She passed away on December 5, 2016.

Rajinikanth is trying his luck in politics now, as he is all set to announce his political party.

But Rajinikanth and Jayalalithaa's equation was always the talk of the town. They were at odds in many situations.

Over the years, many versions and rumours of Jayalalithaa's cold war with Rajinikanth were reported.

Here is one such instance when how Rajinikanth created a situation which made Jayalalithaa to get stuck in a massive traffic jam.

Rajini's house is next to Jayalalithaa's resident in Chennai’s Poes Garden, used to face a lot of difficulty due to the continuous fanfare around Jayalalithaa (when she was alive).

Whenever Jaya's car used to leave the house, a stampede like situation was witnessed on the roads from where she used to travel. The entire traffic used to come to a standstill.

One day, both Jayalalithaa and Rajini happened to leave their homes at the same time. And the cops stopped Thalaiva's car to let Amma's car pass first. An agitated Rajinikanth stepped out of his car and lit a cigarette. Seeing Rajini standing on the main road like this, the entire traffic stopped. People rushed towards his car to catch a glimpse of him.

And it was hours before Jayalalithaa's car could get a passage to move ahead. Here is how Rajini showed his power to Jayalalithaa.