After trademark movies like Annamalai, Baasha and Arunachalam in the 90s, we see traces of the same Rajinikanth in this trailer of his upcoming film Petta. From the way, he flips his sunglasses or the way he flips the gun... Like one of the famous dialogues from his movie Padayappa, 'vayasaanaalum, andha Rajini style innum maarala' (which means... even if he grows old, his style never changes). As if answering this thought, Rajinikanth, in the trailer, says that it comes naturally to him.

The trailer opens with Vijaysethupathi's voice. As a Rajini fan, this trailer packs in the long-missed ingredients of a typical superstar film. For instance, Vijaysethupathi's voice introduces Rajini as the man who fought 20 odd people. And they do not show Rajini's face for a while... we see his walk... his hands... his silhouette shots... It raises the expectation and then you see him with a typical punch dialogue.

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Rajinikanth made his debut in the film Aboorva Ragangal, where the first shot is of him opening the gates of a house. Here too, we see him opening the gates with that punch dialogue... 'Paaka thaana porey, intha Kaali oda aataththa', which means you will eventually watch Kaali's game. We see Rajini in two styles, one with a huge moustache and the other with the moustache and beard. The former look takes us into the flashback is the inference one is able to make. While fans love Rajini's action, they also love his romantic scenes.


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Looks like director Karthik Subbaraj has crafted the film carefully as a true Rajinikanth fan. I'm referring to the scenes where he downs his glass to take a closer look at his lady love. Simran looks ravishing even at this age. Trisha seems to be his love interest in the flashback. Trisha too seems to be dressed in the same style that we saw her in the 90s - the half saree with bindi look.


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The BGM steals the show. Anirudh, who composed the music, is himself related to the actor. So, perhaps the whole Rajinified music runs in his blood I guess. As the trailer draws to a close, there is wide shot when Rajini in a black shirt and dhoti casually sways to music and waltzes ahead. Every fan is sure hoot and whistle.

The star cast is impressive. Vijay Sethupathi, Bobby Simha, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Sasikumar are present in the flick. Sasikumar seems to be a friend of the actor, while the rest seem to be playing negative roles. Rajinikanth plays Kaali, which may be God's name like Kaaliamman or Kaali even refers to ruggedness.


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A slight change... Gaali means empty also refers to how a person can reduce a 20-member gang to nothing. Let's not forget, Rajinikanth played Kaali in Mahendran's film Mullum Malarum that released in the late 70s. And that was one film that proved to be an inspiration for many directors and the character the superstar played in this film almost established his identity as an actor at that time. The entire trailer lasts for 2-and-a-half minutes and is just full of Rajini. Rajini as Kaali plays the role of a warden in a college hostel.


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The trailer doesn't give much away and only caters to fans of Thalaivar. Will the movie end up having the right mix of substance and Rajiniism is still a question mark.

It's Pongal Paraak for the film is all set to release during Pongal on January 10. Like Superstar says in the film... let's go get the sweets... to celebrate the victory of this trailer.