Eyssa Hassoun is a known face in boxing in Brooklyn NYC. He has always remained a fitness freak which landed him in the sports of boxing. Remaining fit and healthy has been on his priority that soon let him help people to remain fitness while he pursued his career in the field of boxing. 

He soon turned a fitness and health businessman where he helped many celebrities from a different world to remain fit and healthy. Besides active in boxing and mixed martial arts, he loves to give his fitness mantras to them and they have been leading their successful lives. 


Eyssa Hassoun (PR Handout)

Considering his increasing popularity in helping people to remain fit and healthy, he came in touch with many filmmakers and celebrities of different film domains. While being in touch with the filmmakers helped him to get a film offer for him. 

As per the 34-year-old boxer, he was offered a script of a film which somewhere deals with the subject of his interest - fitness, and health. It created an interest in it and thus he soon got the script to read that further convinced him that it is the right venture for him to opt in the world of film. 

The actor is undergoing the preparation for his debut film. He had to attend a few series of workshops on acting and grooming which would be needed for him to act over the big screen. He has never acted before except appearing in one or two commercial ads for the small screen. 

But as he takes up his debut film, he does not want to take chance and learn all the things he would need to act before the camera. He is excited about the venture that would help him get him recognized as an actor as well in the film industry.

(PR Handout)