Pakistani singer Rabi Pirzada now faces legal action by the Punjab Wildlife Department for alleged violation of law by keeping prohibited exotic animals as pets. As per reports, under the Punjab Wildlife Act of 1974 which was amended in 2007, possession of such animals is illegal and may lead to a fine of up to Rs 20,000 or 2-3 years of imprisonment.

In a bizarre video, Rabi Pirzada is seen playing with alligators and snakes including a python, threatening Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the abrogation of Article 370.

"I am Kashmiri lady, is ready with her snakes for India. These gifts are for Modi actually. You are bothering Kashmiris so this is what I have prepared for you. So, get ready to die in hell, okay? And my friends [the exotic animals] would feast on you in hell," she said.

Watch the video: 

As soon as the video was uploaded on her social media, many TV channels telecasted it. Netizens slammed Rabi Pirzada for her vicious statement against PM Modi.