Paramount pictures have come out with a new teaser to 'Pet Sematary', giving viewers a glimpse of one of the scariest characters from the original film.

The title card of the trailer further reminds viewers that "They Don't. Come back. The same," reported Entertainment Weekly, alluding to the novel where pets buried in a special 'sematary' would come back from the dead, but more like a malevolent zombie, rather than what they were before.

Going by trailer, fans of Stephen King will get treated to a few familiar faces among the flashes.

The teaser shows a glimpse of Victor Pascow, the jogger hit and killed in a roadside accident, who returns as an ominous angel to warn the doctors who tried to save him as well as Louis Creed, played by Jason Clarke, to keep away from the burial ground that brings the dead back to life.

However, what fans are most excited about is the glimpse they get of an exposed, gnarled back, crawling across the floor towards Rachel Creed --- the figure is that of Zelda, Rachel's sister, who suffered from spinal meningitis.

In the 1989 film, the character was played by a grown man (Andrew Hubatsek). In the new movie, 'Starry Eyes' filmmakers Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer decided the character should return to her original form in the King novel as a young girl, played now by then-13-year-old Alyssa Brooke Levine.

'Pet Sematary' is set to release in theatres on April 5.