While trolling Radhika Apte, actor in many films and shows on Netflix, is the latest cool, a food delivery app may just be wishing they hadn't. Radhika Apte favouritism memes have been doing the rounds making fun of the fact that Apte stars in almost all of the big releases by Netflix India. The media company also joined in on the fun by replying to trolls with sassy comebacks such as 'Raadhika Apte apt hai' etc.  

When food ordering and restaurant search app Zomato tried to cash in on the hype, Netflix served a piping hot clapback.

It all started when Zomato posted a tweet on paneer. The tweet is accompanied by a picture that innocently details how paneer can be used in so many different dishes. The thing that wins this tweet, though, is the text posted with the picture. "And you thought only Radhika is versatile," reads the tweet.

Following the tweet, Netflix India showed its presence of mind which put all trolls to rest. They picked up one letter each from the various paneer dishes which when put together reads, ‘Radhika’ herself. They even struck out Zomato’s contender ‘Paneer’ and wrote Omnipresent instead. The picture was captioned “Well, she is everywhere.”


Both tweets have won over Twitter. While Zomato's tweet has collected over 3,600 likes and more than 1,100 retweets since Wednesday, the tweet by Netflix has garnered over 6,500 likes and more than 2,800 retweets.

In an interview with Deccan Chronicle, Radhika said, “I was very happy. I think it is a great compliment because it is such a great platform. Who would not like to be a part of the projects from Netflix.”

She added, “With Netflix, what happens is that they stress on the quality because it is a global platform. They will give you the freedom to choose topics, projects and creative control but they are very particular about the quality.”

The actress was last seen in Netflix's web series like Lust Stories, Sacred Games and now Ghoul.