Munawar Faruqui, a comedian by profession and Bigg Boss 17 champion, recently lost his temper at an Iftar event to which he was invited on Tuesday, April 9. A restaurateur and five of his employees allegedly threw eggs at Munawar, who became enraged and walked away from the party.

He was on Mumbai's Mohammed Ali Road when he was showered with eggs by a restaurant owner and his employees, according to a news outlet. According to the article, the Pydhonie Police have filed charges against the six individuals implicated.

According to reports, the person being charged invited Munawar to their restaurant in the Minara Masjid neighborhood for Iftaar, but Munawar declined and went to a nearby restaurant instead. As a response, they reportedly flung eggs at him.

A video of Munawar's outburst at the restaurant owner has surfaced online. Security workers are seen detaining him as he appears to fight to contain his emotions. You can see the footage here.

Additionally, in honor of Eid, Munawar published a teaser for his new song, 'First Copy'. Munawar revealed in the teaser that his song would be about the late-1990s and early-2000s habit of watching movies on CDs and DVDs.

Apart from this, Munawar was recently caught smoking hookah during a raid in Mumbai. He was first detained but was released by Mumbai police after a few hours.

How Netizen Reacted to the Video: 

One individual commented,Nice, he deserves this type of treat."

While others said, ""It is distressing to observe the increasing negativity and divide in our society, particularly when it comes to targeting individual religions.  Blaming an entire community for the actions of a few individuals is not only unfair but also dangerous."

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