In today’s day and age, young entrepreneurs have a hold over people very few people possess. They are smart, quick on their feet and ooze with innovative ideas. Engrossed by the mantra of seizing everyday as they step to make a mark on the people, these people are the future. And with the times that we live in right now, where markets have stagnated because of the completely unprecedented COVID pandemic, their roles have become much more amplified. These young entrepreneurs are extremely quick at assessing current trends and finding solution at speeds that just can’t be matched by the old generation of businessmen. 

Today we talk about MuditLunia, a Gujarat based businessman, whose name is doing rounds these days not only for his outstanding businessman skills but most importantly, for what he has returned back to  the society in these trying times.

MuditLunia is a young business tycoon belonging from a very strong background. His family is well known all over Surat, dealing in the most luxurious fields of them all, textile.

However, if there’s one thing that Mudit has a passion of anywhere comparable to his passion for his business is acting. He always had a dream of acting on the big screen and he doesn’t let his business come in the way of his dreams. 

Blessed with both talent and aesthetic traits, Mudit has been making quite the noise in the world of showbiz these days. He has previously walked the ramp for various fashion shows, acting as the showstopper for numerous big pageants over the years. He intends to work the biggest names in the fashion and the entertainment industry. And to make an initial impact that is bound to send shockwaves all over the circuit, MuditLunia is all set to come up with a debut single. 

Yes! You read it right. It is believed we will be seeing Mudit very soon in a Punjabi music video. Making his debut on the screen with the song, he believes that music videos have gained quite the traction these days. We have seen the biggest stars all over the world appear in music videos to provide the midas touch to already melodious tracks. Mudit believes that the likes of music videos and web series have given newcomers a platform to showcase their talents in contrast to past when most actors apart from the leads would go unnoticed.

Before the COVID pandemic, Mudit had been a part of several modelling assignments across the globe. And this is something that he wishes to do more. He wishes to work more with foreign designers and brands and as a result, transcending borders and connecting with more people.

Speaking about his song, he says that it is a romantic number. While it is still unclear whether the music video pits any newbie or well-known actress opposite to him, but we can definitely say that we are extremely excited about seeing a fresh face making their debut.

So how does Mudit maintain such a hectic lifestyle, especially one which involves the performing arts and requires you to look healthy? Mudit balances the stress from being a businessman and an entertainer by travelling. He is an ardent traveller and considers it a way to explore the unexplored. 

We wish this zestful young man loads of luck for his upcoming project and hope it turns out to be a gamechanger. Surely, a person as talented, ambitious as well as charming and good looking has a lot of opportunities ahead of him. 

Disclaimer: This is a featured content