Mumbai: While actor Saif Ali Khan has openly refused to work with anyone accused of sexual harassment under the current #MeToo movement, he also dropped a 'clue' about Sacred Games.

Khan plays Sartaj Singh in the Netflix Original series, whose core team including filmmaker Anurag Kashyap, Vikramaditya Motwane and writer Varun Grover have been battling the effects of the movement. 

While Grover was accused of sexually harassing a woman in 2001 under the pretext of giving her stage directions for a play, Kashyap and Motwane were slammed for not taking a stand when a former employee complained about filmmaker Vikas Bahl's sexual harassment. 

"We have been talking constantly. They don't like me talking about the show anyways. I like working with them, they are brilliant. They want to keep it a secret. But I want to give you a clue. There was a terrible scandal concerning Kevin Spacey and he had a show 'House of Cards', the show is going on but Spacey is not there. Let that be a clue," Saif told PTI, adding, "Why should I bear the brunt and even why anyone of us? who are not twisted or molesters."

Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey was accused by more than a dozen men of sexual misconduct that cost him his role in the hit series, House of Cards.