Shooting a rifle, climbing ropes and participating in training activities at the BSF headquarters here, Manish Paul got a peek into a soldier's life and the actor says they are the ones who are the "real heroes." 

The actor and popular TV anchor participated in various combat and skill training activities with the soldiers.

"We are actors. We live a fake life in the movies. We become a soldier when we wear the uniform and pull off a fake theft to come across as thieves. But you are the real heroes. We are fit only for Instagram but you guys are the next level," Manish said at the event.

Manish was in Jammu at the BSF base camp to entertain the soldiers as part of Comedy Central's campaign "Spread the Cheer".

The day-long activity started with paying homage to the BSF martyrs, who laid down their lives guarding the borders of the country.

The actor was given a quick tour of the base area and shown some of the training -- from target practice to rifle shooting -- that the BSF personnel undergo everyday.

Much to the surprise and amusement of the BSF troops, who clicked selfies and recorded videos of the actor, Manish tried his hands at some of the combat activities and pulled them off.

"I feel happy that I've spread a smile. These people work in such difficult situations, the hard work they do, their rigorous training, the kind of situations they face at the border and today they were laughing, dancing, they were happy.

"I feel I've given them a beautiful day. They weren't thinking of anything else but what was happening there. For me, that's something I'll always cherish. The kind if stuff we did there," he told PTI.

The actor interacted with the BSF troops who sang, danced and also mimicked Bollywood stars, which was met with thunderous applause.

One jawan sang Arjit Singh songs, while the other mimicked Shah Rukh Khan's "k..k..k Kiran" dialogue from "Darr".

Manish said the talent he saw at the camp was encouraging.

"It's not that they are jawans, so they're always serious, they always have a gun in their hands. They are humans, they are us. The kind of things they do, we cannot do.

"If you send me to a border, I can't do anything, but if they come to a reality show, they can very well perform. They are more talented and gifted than us," he said.