Mumbai: Malika Dua feels that Kangana Ranaut is appreciated for who she is. "That's the reason why people like Kangana. If you believe in speaking up, then do that. Don't suppress your identity to impress somebody else. And I believe that you owe it to the people who have given you love and affection to tell them the truth," she says.

Dua also said that Ranaut is highly courageous saying, "For an outsider like Kangana's, it was hard to achieve whatever she has managed to achieve. Anybody else in her place would have found it risky to question issues like nepotism and all the male ego that dominates the society. It could have ruined her career but it didn't bug her. She spoke against the wrong."

Ranaut was also one of the first in Bollywood to take a stand for the #MeToo movement. Well, we do hope that Kangana's continues to inspire others in every industry and bowl us over with her memorable performances.