Kerala: Actress Revathy Sampath accused Malayalam actor Siddique of sexual misconduct. The allegations completely shook the Malayalam movie industry. The actress alleged that the veteran actor made a verbal sexual offering at the preview of the movie Sukhamayirikate in Trivandrum in 2016.

The actress revealed that she was only 21 when the incident occurred and questioned whether his daughter, who is of nearly the same age as she was during the incident, is safe in his hands.

The actress had posted on her Facebook page stating, “This actor Siddique tried to sexually misbehave with me on 2016 in a preview of Sukhamayirikkate movie at Nila theatre, Trivandrum..!! His verbal sexual offerings made me morally down at the age of 21... I still remember the trauma he made to me!! He is having a daughter I guess ..!!

Is she safe in his hands, I wonder? What will you do if the same thing happens with your daughter, MrSiddique? How can a man like him point fingers against a prestigious and privileged collective WCC, do you deserve yourself?? think yourself!!! Ulupp undo?? shame on these masks layered, self called gentle men out there in the film industry..!” (sic).

Siddique is a well-known actor and has worked in over 300 films. A day after his name was caught in the #MeToo storm, the actor denied the allegations made against him. Siddique told media, “The girl who raised the allegations and her family attended the preview of the movie Sukhamayirikate, in which I played a major role, as per my invitation. After the preview, we all had dinner together at the Mascot Hotel. No such issues which she raised in her allegations took place during the preview. I do not know why she has come up with such an allegation now.”