Mumbai: Actor Madhuri Dixit says her children are often amused to learn that she can pull off any dance style.

The actor believes she has a "natural affinity" towards dance since the age of three.

"My children love to see me dance. But I think they know more from friends, that 'your mom is a good dancer' than actually knowing it first hand! 

"My son comes and asks me, 'mom do you know hip hop?' I told him to watch 'Kay Sera Sera'. He came back and said 'wow, you're a cool mom now!'" Madhuri told PTI.

The 52-year-old actor says dance has been such a huge part of her life that she cannot imagine a life without it.

"I never realised 'oh I am a good dancer', I used to just love dance and I was shameless about it. I could dance in a train, outside, anywhere. Once my mom sat me down and said 'please stop, people will start throwing money!' 

"I can't imagine my life without my dance and the acting. It has taught me discipline, grace, passion, to be true to the profession, and the spirituality of it. It has also taught me to be honest in my personal life. I can't be anything but be grateful about everything." 

Madhuri will next be seen judging season two of Colors dance reality show "Dance Deewane", along with film director Shashank Khaitan and choreographer Tushar Kalia.

The show gives the opportunity to three different generations kids, youth and seniors to compete and win.

The actor says as a judge, she is conscious that she shouldn't be "harsh" towards any contestant.

"If you're harsh with someone, it discourages them. I always want to be positive and encouraging, whether it's a small child or the first generation. In our society, the attitude is 'you're more than 50 years old, why are you dancing, let the kids dance.' 

"That's not right. They should have their own lives and talents. Why can't they show that off. I have to keep all that in mind when I'm judging them." 

The actor says she had "all kinds of mentors".

"So when you grow up, you have to decide which teacher you want to be." 

"Dance Deewane" will start airing from June 15.