Lucky Ali tweeted, without any context, how chemotherapy should never be an option. “Dear Chemo therapy you should not be an option..ever... (sic),” he wrote.



As we all know chemotherapy is one of the treatments for cancer patients, therefore when the singer wrote it, his fans and media began to speculate about his health.

He did not reveal much, his tweet suggested that he is suffering from some major health issue as he mentioned about chemotherapy.

Later, the 59-year-old singer put an end to all speculations by tweeting a clarification, which comforted his fans.



“By Allahs Grace I’m FINE and Thankyou everyone for your love and concern.. I was ranting against Chemo therapy because young people are being diagnosed with cancers and Losing hope when there are other Holistic Cures..So it was just one of those ones..Love Always (sic),” he wrote.

In recent times, cancer is one of the most talked about topics in Bollywood.

Sonali Bendre is undergoing treatment for high-grade cancer in New York and Irrfan Khan is also diagnosed with a neuroendocrine tumour. He is undertaking therapy in London.

Both actors announced about their illness by writing social media posts revealing the conditions and updating their fans with pictures and videos.