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6387 meters black peak and its following sequels will be India's first mountaineering documentary franchise film by Indian film maker.

Speaking to the producer Mr Sanjeev kumar & Sebastian, we were informed documentary film was completed last year itself and team wanted to have a theatrical release as we wanted to show beauty of Uttarakhand valley specially the black peak and landscape around it. Unfortunately ongoing pandemic and uncertainty that comes along with it we decided to not hold any longer and decided to go online route. This is in best interest keeping the current situation in mind and if we really have to go with second sequel we had to start recovering cost invested .

Film wil be available as of now on  "Free Documentary" which is a German based channel having subscribership of 2.5 million  users, Filmcocracy, MxPlayer and Phunflix.

Kovid Mittal had spoken earlier how this film was to be shot in 2017 and how due to fallout between three producers involved the whole idea was dropped .Second leg of the documentary  film franchise will be shot at an altitude of 7000 meters above sea level and difficulty in terms of shooting and terrain holds a great challenge. We are going through unfortunate times and yet again shooting the second sequel and its exact dates are not yet cleared as Uttarakhand state is closed for now in regards to mountaineering .

The film is to be out on number of other various OTT platforms for which dates wil be announced subsequently . Film has recieved great reviews on filmocracy page and free documentary channel

Kovid Mittal will be seen in his next hindi music album "Awara Hoon Banjara Hoon" to be released on a completely new record label.

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