Filmmaker Karan Johar on Friday said he was "angered" over the basless allegations that he hosted a drug party at his residence and in future he will make sure to deal "strictly" with such accusations.

A video of Johar's star-studded house party, which he shared on Instagram, created a storm with many people alleging that it was a 'drug party'.

"I was amused how ridiculous it was. People were analysing ridiculous things... The next time there are people who make these baseless allegations and accusations, we will deal with that very strictly and on legal grounds if need be. This won't be tolerated again," Johar said at The India Today Conclave 2019.

The director said the assumptions people made after watching the video was "ridiculous".

"Apparently you're not allowed to scratch your nose, you're apparently hiding something but it's a phone charger, and you're not supposed to mingle with your friends and have a chilled out evening, and apparently if a group of Bollywood celebrities is in a room then you're obviously doing drugs!"

He said on the night of the party, even his mother joined them for dinner and chat and the uproar which happened after the video was out angered him.

"Would I be stupid, in bright lights, to put out a video of a group of friends if there was a consumption of any medical substance? My mother lives on the same level as that particular drawing room. She was with us, had dinner with us, we chatted, it was that kind of evening.

"She went back and this video was taken. After that there was this big uproar on social media and I was really angered with the kind of responses coming in," he added.