Mumbai: On a celebrity chat show, Richa Chadha reportedly opened up on Kangana Ranaut’s ‘war of words’ with the rest of Bollywood. Commenting on Kangana’s nature, the ‘Fukrey’ actress reportedly said, “If I have a problem with someone, I wouldn't have a war of words with them on a public platform. This is because I don't want to say it. Not because I lack the courage. I have the courage and I want to say it sometimes, but I'd say it one-on-one.”

This irked Kangana’s sister cum manager Rangoli who wasted no time to attack the actress on social media and also tagged her official Twitter handle. Calling Richa a ‘jobless actor’, Rangoli questioned if she has the capability to create content and survive on her own and whether she is competent enough to tackle the counter attacks from her opposition.



Rangoli also mentioned how her sister has worked hard for 14 years to create her position in the industry so that she can survive even if the entire industry goes against her. She also openly challenged Richa, saying if she had the courage to indulge in open fights, then she would have surely done it.





Rangoli concluded by saying, “Also my sincere advice to all lovely young women out there who r aspiring Kangana Ranauts, please build yourself first, then choose your battles, many heroes have fallen, Kangana survived because she prepared for today many years ago. Struggle, strategy and collective well-being is the mantra.”

Even though Richa Chadha did not reply to any of Rangoli's tweets directly, she posted a cryptic tweet, which reads 'yawn.'