Kangana Ranaut has criticised director Krishna Jagarlamudi, asking him to prove his claim that she did not shoot a significant portion of the film Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi.

The director, popularly known as Krish, has said that he had almost completed the film and the only patchwork was left when Kangana became involved and wrongly claimed the credit as the main director. He also accused the actor of "hijacking" the period drama.

Talking to reporters at the airport here on Friday, Kangana said Krish should take up his grievances with the producers of the film.

"It's not like that. He has been given the credit in the film and about his name, that he should talk to the producer and not attack me," the actor said.

When asked about Krish claiming that she has not shot 70 per cent of the film, she said, "That's wrong. If he can, he should prove it." 

"The film has been made and, fortunately, or unfortunately, I have directed it. I have taken all the final decisions. I want to make it clear that this film has been released in theatres and now nothing can happen." 

The actor also took on the allegations made by Mishti Chakravarthy, who has claimed that her role was cut down from the period drama.
"People are saying that their roles have been chopped. I just want to tell them one thing that whatever I have achieved in my life as an actor and as a filmmaker is all on my own, my father has not given it to me. You should also create this standing for yourself. Nothing will happen by crying.

"I also started with five minute roles. In many films, my role was cut and in many films, at the last moment, I was thrown out. So this power of mine, I deserve it and have earned it. It is my prerogative as a director to decide which actor I want to utilise..." Kangana said.

She reiterated that Krish left the film in her hands and therefore it was her "prerogative to take the final calls".

"Whoever is struggling in life should take inspiration from me. What will happen by getting jealous of me or attacking me?" she added.

Kangana vowed that she will once again direct a film, which she said "will be better than 'Manikarnika...'." 

The "Queen" actor offered a piece of advice to Krish. She asked him to make a film with all those actors who have complaints against Kangana.

She did not even spare writer Apurva Asrani, who had accused Ranaut of discrediting his work on their 2017 film "Simran".

"I have a suggestion for Krish. Take all these people and make a film. Take Sonu Sood as a villain and take her (Mishti) as the heroine and make Apurva Asrani write the story and make a film to teach me a lesson." 

The film that released on January 25 has earned over Rs 64 crore.