Many people have the notion that to be a good actor one must have good looks. However, it is just a misconception people have in their mind. Breaking this myth, Harman Abrawan is one more name who has proved that acting is more about expressing yourself on the screen.

Not just an actor, he is a versatile model with his great looks and creative conceptualization. Hailing from Punjab, the 20-year-old is working on his creative skills rather than the looks.

He says, “A true sign or artist lies in his art. I want to improve my craft as an actor and then work on my looks. Nowadays, we have witnessed that content is king and people want to watch relevant shows and films and not the mainstream cinema. Many actors while preparing themselves first work on their looks but I am grooming my talent to improve my craft.”

In the past, Harman Abrawan has appeared on-ramp for top designers like Himani Arora, Shruti Jamwal and many others. He has aslo worked with known filmmakers Gurvinder Arora who is also a producer to work on films mostly based on social issues. He has been associated with several Brands and TV commercials as well.

Harman Abrawan is soon about to make his debut in Bollywood Industry. Before stepping in Bollywood he has his own achievement in various niches that are commendable and he performed in more than 50 plays with theatre personalities. His acting talent has been appreciated and loved by the audience and everyone is waiting to see him in Hindi movies.

He is very keen to collaborate with content creators and influencers to create some impactful videos. Apart from this, Harman Abrawan has a longing dream to work in a Bollywood movies or a web series.