Mumbai: Ready to make a comeback with comedy-drama Rangeela Raja directed by former CBFC chief Pahlaj Nihalani, actor Govinda seems to be very much in form.

After dabbling in politics, Bollywood's Hero No. 1 is back where he belongs, in the film industry, he says, "I fled from politics. Main hath jodke nikal aaya." Maybe that's why he does not really want to comment on the #MeToo movement that is shaking up his home turf, Bollywood. He says, "I speak the truth and always speak my mind. However, ever since I quit politics, I stay away from controversies, so I don’t want to comment on this.”  

During an interaction with My Nation in Mumbai, Govinda, who has completed over 30 years in Bollywood, said he is thankful to the film industry for making him what he is today. He said, “Kids these days often complain about their work, but when I was young, I was glad that I was being offered work.” The actor added, “Actually, artists who have experienced extreme poverty before being a part of the industry, as I did, have a different attitude. I have faced so much of poverty and hardship, seen such tough times but have never let that leave an impact on my face, I have always tried to smile even in pain.” 

The also actor recalled how Nihalani encouraged him during his struggling days saying, “You will be a star one day, you will earn a lot of respect and fame.” The 54-year-old also recalled that after receiving his first pay cheque he couldn’t sleep for four days and had told himself, “Main toh hero ban gaya!” and had ended up buying a gold chain and a saree for his mother with his first pay cheque.

Famous for his quirky dance moves, he is one of the best dancers Bollywood has ever had and has made the nation groove to peppy numbers like Akhiyon Se Goli Mare, Oye Makhna, What Is Mobile Number and many more. Who was his inspiration behind dancing? The actor smiled and replied, “There was a time when I danced with popular numbers of Mithun da (Chakraborty), Jeetendra Ji, Shammi uncle (Kapoor), Dilip saab (Kumar), Amitabh Bachchan ji and other stars on stage. I take all of them as my inspiration.”

When asked what kind of difference does he see between the Bollywood of his debut years and now, the actor paused for a while and spoke, “There is a lot of difference between that time and the present time. In the present time, some people have started considering themselves as God. They think whatever they do, whatever they think is right. I hope a time comes when this will change. Also, the platform at that time (when I began) was open for all, which is the case with television right now. The television industry is providing jobs to so many people.” 

Rangeela Raja is slated to hit theatres on November 16.