Mumbai: 'Cosmic mother, spiritual guru to the stars, singer, healer, former nun. Sofia Hayat may wear many hats but she is not one to take slut-shaming lightly. 

Hayat took to Twitter a while ago to post completely nude images of herself on her Instagram account captioning it 'God is beyond shame.' She wrote- When will people grasp this truth instead of grabbing their dicks and calling women sluts! I have had a few guys email me asking for a one night stand after publishing these. Women even call other women sluts! Worse is they even tricked people into thinking religion tells you to cover up! People don’t get the true meaning behind stories like Adam and Eve. They were innocent and walked about naked then the evil came and they looked at each other to come back to this, is divine; come back to how we were before the evil took over...your thoughts should be divine..see with love not with your heart...but it is the intention behind how you look at this.. my naked body .. that makes the difference. When they bow their heads infront of these gods in they get a hard on!!! No! They walk In bowing their head at the and divinity! Those that don’t...are effected by the devil! Influenced by his lies! Don’t be influenced by the dark! This image and women in true nakedness, (with the exception of pornography, which actually demonises the sacred feminine) is the divine goddess. Satnam Shivani Sundharam! Hare Om! Allah Hu Akbar!

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However, her attempt at body-shaming seems to have backfired as trolls descended on the account calling her out for promoting nudity in the name of religion especially her religious chants with one of the caption. One of the commenters accused her of promoting rape culture with her nude photographs that inspired her clapback at him.


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Earlier this year, Hayat had spoken about her alleged relationship with cricketer Rohit Sharma. According to a report by SpotboyE, she had broken-up with him after he referred to her as a fan. She said, "I met him in a club in London. I was celebrating the wrap of a movie I had done. I was dancing when a friend of mine from the movie’s set introduced us. My friend told me ‘he is Rohit Sharma’ but I really didn’t know as I don’t see cricket much. Anyway, we got talking to each other and soon moved over to a quieter place in the club. It went pretty quickly from there. He kissed me. It was pretty nice. After that, we danced together."

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