Katrina Kaif is celebrating her 35th birthday in England on Monday with her sisters but her fans are in uproar on social media. They are extremely upset about Alia Bhatt wishing the actress on her Instagram story wearing a jacket which they describe as the ‘graveyard emoji’. They feel it’s a dig at Katrina’s age. At present, Alia is shooting with Ranbir Kapoor for Ayan Mukerji’s Brahmastra in Bulgaria.

A Katrina fan fumes, “This was the best emoji that Alia could have chosen for wishing Katrina on her birthday and yet mocking the senior actress indirectly at the same time and nobody has paid attention to it. Alia needs to know that Kat, even at her age, is looking stunning and far more than Alia! This pic was posted by Alia in her Insta story today and Katrina’s fans think that the younger actress posted it deliberately. As far as they know, cemetery means it's the end and on the cemetery pic, it is written My Youth. She is mocking Kat regarding her age and her own youth. Is she making a snide dig that Kat is becoming older? We are very upset and felt Alia could have chosen some other picture to wish Katrina!”

Says a Bollywood insider, “Everybody knows that the Ranbir-Katrina breakup wasn’t an amicable one and left the parties concerned unhappy and hurting for some time. There was even talk of Katrina not talking to Alia because Ranbir and Alia are apparently dating each other, but Katrina rubbished the rumours by always warmly chatting with Alia on social media and posing for pics with her. They even went for Neha Dhupia’s television show BFFs With Vogue. In fact, the pic that Alia posted today is from behind the scenes of that shoot. Both have been great friends for some time but ever since the rumours of Ranbir and Alia started, one wonders whether there has been a slight chill in the Alia-Katrina friendship. Now that both Ranbir and Alia are in Bulgaria shooting for Brahmastra, it does seem a bit strange and a bit of a coincidence that Alia would have chose this particular picture to wish Katrina on her birthday. Maybe one shouldn't read too much into it. It could be Ranbir's mischievous sense of humour behind the gesture too... Who knows?”

On the BFFs show, when both actresses were asked what they absolutely hate about each other, Alia said that she hated that “Katrina never sticks to the plan" and when Katrina was asked to talk about what she disliked about Alia, she replied, “I wish she were more generous and could send a few of her critics my way and some of her awards as well.”

Whether Katrina will take this virtual so-called punch of Alia lightly or with her usual dignity (and pose for friendship pictures yet again!) is something we have to wait for.