The Pakistani Public has always dearly attached itself to its film and television industry. People are avid filmgoers and television series are seen by every one of all ages. As many see it as a part of the culture, there are those who try to take part in it as a business.

For those who enter this field with the hopes of making good money, having prior knowledge of filmmaking is not a pre requisite. It is just way too easy for anyone with enough money to produce a film or television series and run it with the best available actors of the country. Ch Moazzam Ishaq, a young actor from Jhelum, Pakistan shares all that he got to see in the industry regarding the quality control of the content.
Good films and television series are always remembered by the audience and garner their love and support. On the exact contrary, the content made with low standards and just the wrong mix of things spoils the whole lot of the country. 

One Example is the hit prime time drama serial ‘Khamoshi’ by Momina Duraid Productions. It had received many awards and recognition from all over. Moazzam says, “Acting for Momina Duraid Productions was one of the best experiences I have ever had, everything was being done in an unbelievably professional and sought out way. Actors such as Zara Noor, Bilal Khan, and Affan Waheed were cast with the perfect combination of story and direction. The singing talent of Bilal Khan was also utilized in the making of the Khamoshi O.S.T which struck the chords around the nation.” 

Moazzam has also been a part of many projects across the borders of Pakistan. He has acted for US directors and has been a part of the production team of multiple films, out of which ARC Agenda 2019 was the best known of them all. He states, “The west also faces the same issue but it is not as severe as it is in Pakistan. There is literally no possible way of stropping a bad productions film from happening here. One example of such disasters is the film ‘Halla Gulla’. It was a terrible mix of the right pieces of the puzzle.”
There are many award ceremonies that happen annually in Pakistan to acknowledge the good films and television series that are produced round the year. It is quite easy to distinguish good content from the bad ones by simply seeing who gets an award and who does not. Two of these shows are Lux Style Awards and Hum TV Awards. “These award shows act as a beacon of light for the Pakistani actors”, said Moazzam when he was nominated for “Lux Style Award for Best Emerging Talent” in 2018.

Actors always prefer to work with well-known production houses that have a good reputation for providing the best platform to utilize the capacities of their talent. “One well established name in Pakistan is Huzu Production. I have worked on their drama serial ‘Haasil’ and there was a lot to learn from the whole experience. Instead of aimlessly casting any group of actors, they specifically went for Ahsan Khan, Mawrah Hocane, and Sonia Hussain to work with the director Abdullah Badini. The result was in the form of a hit prime time television show that the actors loved doing and the crowd adored watching”, says Moazzam.

Pakistan has gone through a revival of their film industry in the last few years, movies or shows that are made way below the standards may act as serious blows to the whole industry. 

Another problem the industry faces is the use of showbiz for the purpose of money laundering. Very often there are people that have to spend their black money somewhere and movies is one of their favorite go to destinations. This acts as another reason for the waste of the actor’s capability and the dilution of quality of the whole films lot. Moazzam says, “I have closely seen the mafia that runs under the surface of many film production houses. Their only purpose is to exploit the acting talent of Pakistan while finding a way to get rid of their own dirty money”.

There are people who are true to their work and they are one of the driving forces of the whole industry in Pakistan. “In the end, it is on the basic morals of the actor whether they personally choose to do or refuse any sort of work that is below their standards”, stated Ishaq.