Celebrities from the film world on Wednesday took to social media to pray for the Indian Air Force (IAF) Wing Commander Abhinandan who according to Pakistan is in their custody.

The Indian government recently confirmed that an Indian Air Force (IAF) Wing Commander piloting a MiG-21 fighter jet has not returned, after Pakistan claimed that it had arrested IAF pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan.

A lot of celebrities are wishing for the pilot's safety and praying that he returns home safe. Several Bollywood stars took to their Twitter handles to share their thoughts.

Here's what the celebrities have to say: 

Actress Nimrat Kaur, who comes from an Army background: "Strength and resolve to the family and loved ones of Wing Commander Abhinandan. The nation's prayers and thoughts are with him in this tough hour. May this stoic, dignified officer be back on Indian soil soon."

Former beauty queen Sushmita Sen, the daughter of a retired Indian Air Force officer, wrote: "We are all praying for the safe return of Wing Commander Abhinandan."

"To all those who cheered from the sidelines yesterday, with all humility I ask you to read the next sentence. 'He has still not returned'," filmmaker Nikkhil Advani tweeted.

Actress and daughter of Colonel V.K. Jaitley, Celina Jaitly said that Tuesday's action by India was "counter terrorism" and "no civilians (were) hurt, no military personnel targeted/hurt.

"What Pakistan did is an act of war, they targeted military personnel, while no one wants war, Pakistan has aggravated the situation. Praying for Wing Commander Abhinandan's safe return."

Actress Taapsee Pannu re-tweeted the news about Varthaman and said this is what she feared in all "this celebration" after the IAF fighter jets struck terror launch pads in Pakistan on Tuesday.

Actress Swara Bhasker said: "Bring back Abhinandan."

Some celebrities also urged the media and social media community to be more responsible and to steer clear from spreading anger.

Swara wrote: We hope and pray for the safety of our soldiers and officers. Please stop circulating fake and old videos and creating panic and miscommunication. Things are tense and volatile as it is. Please be responsible.

Ranganathan Madhavan: It's a war against terror not between two nations yet. Dear Media -- You can actually stop this escalation... Please let's be responsible and work towards peace.

Shekhar Kapur: It's really important not to fan the flames of war rhetoric. It's not a game. You are not facing bullets or bombs. You are not the family praying and hoping fervently that your husbands, brothers or fathers are safe. Nor living in border areas in fear. It's easy to be armchair soldiers.

Richa Chadha: Can news media be tried for inciting war? For ugly graphics, video game footage, provocative hashtags. Funnily, here is one place we are united eh India, Pakistan - in fake news!

Vishal Dadlani: Indian or Pakistani, if you have any brains and any love/respect for your soldiers, say it out loud. We don't want war. We need peace.

Anupam Kher wrote a message in Hindi, praying for Abhinandan's safe return and also saluted the courage of the pilot. The veteran actor also shared the pilot's picture.

Karan Johar took to his Twitter handle and wrote, "Thoughts and strength to #WingCommandarAbhinandan amd his familly....India stands tall and proud with you."

Arjun Kapoor wrote, "My prayers with #wingcommanderabhinandan hope he is safe & we see him back on home soil very soon."

A day after Indian air strike on a terror camp in Pakistan, Jammu and Kashmir saw heightened military activity on Wednesday, with Pakistani jets violating the Indian air space.

On Tuesday, India carried out an air strike on a terror camp run by Jaish-E-Mohammad in Balakot, a hill town in Pakistan's Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province in retaliation to the Pulwama terror attack that took place on February 14 and killed around 40 CRPF personnel.